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It was announced on Friday, February 19th that Lubbock Power & Light was still on track to move from the Southwest Power Pool to ERCOT despite outages related to severe winter weather.

LP&L began the process to join ERCOT back in September of 2015. That decision was made because ERCOT provided benefits to customers that were unavailable by staying with Southwest Power Pool, according to LP&L. They said that ERCOT provides an affordable and diverse energy portfolio and allows LP&L to pursue bringing competitive retail electricity back to Lubbock.

LP&L is on track to transfer about 70% of its electrical grid to ERCOT by June of 2021.

The LP&L release said that they have serious concerns over the operational issues seen across the ERCOT market throughout this severe weather, but that Southwest Power Pool wasn't without operational issues of its own. Over the week, around 4 million homes or businesses went without power at some point. Most of these outages were in ERCOT, although some were in SPP.

In the release, LP&L said:

The root causes of ERCOT’s operational issues need to be fully investigated and solutions must be found. Legislative hearings on this issue begin next week and will continue over the coming weeks and months. LP&L will track this process very carefully.


We understand the concerns of the citizens of Lubbock after the events of this week. We share these concerns. The health and well-being of our customers is always at the forefront of all decision making.


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