Driving through town in the evening, I've caught glimpses of Christmas lights. Some houses really look terrific,and well lit up for Christmas, but too often, the rest of the block's I've seen have been fairly dark.

Where and when did Christmas lights originate? I did a little research and found out that the inventor of the light bulb himself, Thomas Edison, was the first to introduce an outdoor display of lights for Christmas in 1880.

Edison hung his display outside his laboratory compound. There was a railway nearby and so it was viewed by many. This was the first outdoor display of lights at Christmas. Previously the only lit Christmas display was on Christmas trees decorated with candles.

An inventor who worked with Edison created the first string of Christmas lights to be sold in stores. Public displays of these lights began to grow in popularity and the tradition grew from there.

Since I love Christmas lights, I was hoping to find the neighborhoods that are best lit, here in Lubbock.  My daughter is coming to visit over the Christmas holiday and I was looking forward to taking time with her to explore Christmas lights. Of course I look forward to showing her Texas Tech and Ransom Canyon, and some of the other popular neighborhoods, but if you have any to recommend please let me know!