What started out as a little drive out to the windmills with Bundtinis turned into a real adventure!

Our GPS was confused and landed us at the completely wrong location. We were literally still 30 minutes away from our destination. Relying on technology out in the country can really get you lost.

Thankfully, I wasn't alone. I had Danny Loa from our Townsquare Media Lubbock sales team and his son Ian on my team to get us back on course -- and to take lots of great pictures while I was busy driving. I can't say enough great things about my team on this adventure; I could never have made the trip with out them. They're the best!

After many wide open miles of beautiful green pastures, hay bales, many cows (standing, sleeping and everything in between), numerous tractors, wildflowers, ponds and other unnamed small lakes, we came to the quiet little town of O'Donnell, population 831!

Dan Blocker, best known for playing Hoss Cartwright on the NBC television series Bonanza, grew up in O'Donnell. We caught a picture of The Dan Blocker Museum as we drove through town.

But our journey wasn't over in O'Donnell; we still had quite a few miles to go and even more GPS challenges. By the time we reached our destination at Stephens Ranch Wind Farm, we had no cell phone or GPS service at all!

But the panorama of windmills everywhere we looked was incredible and an absolute experience impossible to really capture in pictures. There was a real sense of awe as we took it all in. There are a lot of windmills there -- many more than we had envisioned!

We arrived at Stephens Ranch more than an hour late, but we were not short on Bundtinis and they were sure glad to see us! You can watch the rest of our visit at Stephens Ranch Wind Farm in the video below.

The guys there are great. They work hard climbing up on the windmills.Their brave work is even more impressive when you see these windmills up close. We were more than happy to make the trip out to bring them Bundtinis and thank them for listening to Lonestar 99.5.

If you listen to Lonestar 99.5 at work be sure to let us know you would like to win Bundtinis, the little mini bundt cakes, from Nothing Bundt Cakes. You never know - you may be our next winner!


    Bringing Bundtinis to Stephens Ranch Wind Farm

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