Well-known Lubbock author KJ Waters has just released her exciting new book Shattering Time, and Lonestar 99.5 had the opportunity to talk to her about her latest fast-paced thrilling adventure.

Get ready because you will be on the edge of your seat, as you are swept away in a story that faces terrifying weather, falls through space and time, and relives history while unraveling life.

KJ Waters' new book Shattering Time, is the second in her best-selling series Stealing Time. Every gripping moment leaves you ready for the next and you will be caught up in a world of pages you can't put down!

Listen as Lonestar talks to Waters and get a real understanding of what goes into the making of an astonishing series, that leaps from the perils of real life, and pieces itself together in remarkable ways.

You can visit her website at kjwaters.com for a behind the scenes look and much more.

Talking with KJ was a tremendous experience. She's a terrific person and a great writer.  Open her books and be spellbound...connect with unforgettable characters...travel to other times and search for answers. Follow this link to her website and find out more abut this intriguing quest you can't put down!



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