Nothing hurts worst than stepping on a Lego with bare feet but that doesn't stop millions of all ages from loving them anyway. Lego lovers out there, I have the best news for you, Brick Fest Live. Brick Fest Live, is something that Lego lovers around the world will gather for.  Brick Live Festival will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, on May 14th and 15th. There are different times of day you can attend. There will be hands-on activities as well as live shows. Don't forget to bring the camera because there will be lots of opportunities for photos.

Get the Brick via Youtube
Get the Brick via Youtube

There will be on-site shopping with a chance to purchase vintage, modern, rare and special Legos.

According to Only In Your State, here are some things you can expect: Of course, this traveling event's exhibits vary a bit from city to city. That's part of the fun and mystery of the show... you just might spot creations by familiar local artists! Speaking of mystery, you can also contribute to Brick Fest Live's Guinness World-Record Setting Brick Mosaic! Your piece will contribute to an incredible mystery work of art that will go down in history.

Fans of all things LEGO will love all aspects of this event, but the on-site shopping allows you to take home a memento that keeps the fun going. From exclusive merch to throwback toys, you'll find something to delight every member of your family.

The event is next weekend so don't wait around to get your tickets. Some time slots are already sold out.  Get Tickets

Here is a video from the Brick Fest Live event in Houston a few months ago.


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