It took three listens, but I gotta say I really enjoy Kyle Park's new single. My first time through "What Goes Around Comes Around" left me a little confused by it. The production value is bare bones -- not exactly something we're used to hearing anymore.

But after listening again, it's obvious. That was the intent.

The second time through it, I wanted to listen again. By the third time I was tapping my foot. Next thing I know I'm all "What goes around, comes around" all over the house last night. It was stuck in my head.

The new song is off Park's upcoming album, "The Blue Roof Sessions." It's scheduled for release this September.

"This was a nontraditional way of recording," Park said. "We didn't record in a studio. I actually rented out a house on the lake, wrote half the songs IN the house during the month we were there. We cut maybe one or two songs a day. maybe."

In conjunction with the new album, there will be a documentary of the process released as well.

"We recorded 16-17 songs," Park revealed. "We filmed the entire process in the house. You can see where we were, who played on the record. It was really cool."

If you're anywhere in West Texas on Thursday through Saturday, remember KP will be playing at CrudeFest. He along with Cody Johnson, Jason Boland, Josh Abbott, Randy Rogers and many more -- get tickets here.

Then give the video a watch, it's a fun one.

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