It's no secret that Kevin Fowler is a proud Texan, and he's paying musical homage to the Lone Star State in his new video, "Texas Forever."

Fowler is set to release his eighth studio album, Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You, and he's debuting the brand-new video for his new single, "Texas Forever," exclusively via Taste of Country. Fowler worked with director Phillip Guzman on the clip, which features he and his band playing the song amid the sprawling natural beauty of the Texas plains, interspersed with location shots of Texas landmarks.

"For the video we just sent our video director across the state to capture all of the images of what makes Texas great," Fowler tells Taste of Country. "The places and the people. Everything from the Alamo to the Gulf to the plains of West Texas. The imagery and cinematography in this video are amazing."

The lyrics to "Texas Forever" speak directly to the indomitable pride Texans have in the state.

"For those who the mud on the Brazos and Red River run through our blood / Let the world know we'll fight to the death for the land and the people we love / Gather 'round, friends, it's time for a toast / Let us raise up a cold one together / To Texas forever," Fowler sings in the chorus.

"This song is the best 'Texas' song I've ever heard," he states. "[Producer] Trent Willmon brought this song to me. After one listen I was hooked. I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to record. It literally gave me chills. If you're a Texan you can definitely relate with this song. It's a true Texas anthem."

Though he's a huge star in the Texas scene, Fowler has built a touring audience that extends all the way overseas. He still says that in the end, there's just no place like home.

"Like most Texans, I'm very proud of where I'm from," he avows. "Just like the song says, 'There's a pride down inside us that's hard to explain.' If you're not from here you probably don't get it. I've traveled the world over several times and I can tell you that there is no other place on earth where people are more proud of where they're from. Some non-Texans see it as arrogance. I see it as an undying pride. Texas Forever!"

Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You is slated for release on Oct. 21 via Kevin Fowler Records. It is currently available for pre-order at iTunes. Fans who order in advance will receive instant downloads of "Texas Forever," "Sellout Song" and "He Ain't No Cowboy."

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