It looks like Season 13 of 'American Idol' is going to be a good one, especially after all of last year's over-the-top drama among the panelists. Keith Urban is the only returning judge in 2014 and he seems to be enjoying himself immensely, since he is having loads of fun in this spot for the new season, kicking off Jan. 15 on Fox.

Urban leaps onto the couch in one backstage scene, and lets out a hearty giggle when asked what he thinks of his new 'Idol' judge Harry Connick, Jr., who is the only brand new member on the panel.

Connick seems to be providing the show with a dose of lightheartedness, as evidenced by how he holds one contestant like a baby. Don't ask - just watch.

Joining Urban and Connick, Jr. is consummate diva Jennifer Lopez, who served as a judge on Seasons 10 and 11 before taking a year off.

The chemistry between the trio is palpable and if you are 'Idol' diehard or just a rabid Keith Urban fan, you will want to tune in.