Kane Brown's meaty country voice is sweetened with Lauren Alaina's high-octave harmonies on "What Ifs," the third single from Brown's debut studio album. The uptempo love song contemplates the many ways a relationship can go.

The rock-influenced track finds Brown and his love interest at a pivotal moment in their relationship. She has doubts, seemingly based on past experiences. He offers assurance that he's worth the risk. "What Ifs" isn't as strong lyrically as it is sonically. Producer Dann Huff and Matt McVaney have sculpted a progressive album that's rooted in traditional country values. Separate instruments stand out as much as the singer's unique vocal stylings. There's nothing unoriginal about Brown.

Alaina gives this newcomer a little star power, but their chemistry is honest. This isn't a true duet, but one stops short of saying the former American Idol star is merely a backup singer. During "What Ifs," she's a strong branch for Brown to swing from.

Did You Know?: Brown and Alaina were classmates together. See the video below to watch him talk about how she urged him to start singing.

Listen to Kane Brown (Feat. Lauren Alaina), "What Ifs"

Lauren Alaina Helped Kane Brown Find His Voice

Kane Brown (Feat. Lauren Alaina), "What Ifs" Lyrics:

You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you / What if I find somebody else and I don’t need you / What if this goes south, what if I mess you up / You say what if I break your heart in two, then what / But I hear you girl, I feel you girl, but not so fast / Before you make your mind up, I gotta ask.


What if I was made for you and you were made for me / What if this is it, what if it’s meant to be / What if I ain’t one of them fools just playing some game / What if I just pull you close, what if I lean in / And the stars line up, and it’s our last first kiss / What if one of these days baby I go and change your name / What if I loved all these what ifs away.

What if the sky falls or the sun stops burning / We could worry about them what ifs till the world stops turning / Or I could kiss you, what if you liked it / Well we ain’t ever gonna know unless we try it.

You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you / What if I find somebody else and I don’t need you.

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