This morning Josh Abbott called in for an interview with us and discussed JABFest, his new song, and Dixie Dog Pink Panther drinks! It's okay if you missed it, we've got the interview inside for you!

First off, Josh Abbott was a very honest, humble interviewee this morning, which should just be another reason to add to the rest of the list of why you should love him!

We talked about JABFest and his new song, 'I'll Sing About Mine'. His new album has done extremely well so far and we're excited to get the new single out to you !

Now, many of you may know already that Josh is from around these parts. Born and raised in Idalou, TX, which is also the same town I was born and raised in and is the name of the first track on his new album, I had to ask about one of Idalou's best food stops: Dixie Dog!

Click and enjoy the interview below and Blake says not to forget to tune in tomorrow for your chance to win JABFest tickets and meet and greet passes to meet Josh Abbott!