Put on your walking shoes, gather your friends and family and get ready to make a difference!  Walk With Compassion takes place  here in Lubbock, Saturday April 8th, 8:30am, at Mackenzie Park. This is a fundraiser that is taking a stand for children living in poverty around the world.

The challenges faced by children internationally, is beyond measure. Disease, hunger, abandonment and abuse, can be a constant struggle when living in extreme poverty.

Help is urgently needed and Walk With Compassion has made remarkable strides. Funds raised are growing. Efforts are being made. You can view the fundraising progress on their website.

You will want to register prior to the walk but walk-up registration is available. There is no registration fee, but setting a fundraising goal is recommended. Invite friends and family to participate by contributing to the goal and joining in for the walk.

The walk is open to all ages, but minors are encouraged to bring an adult.

The walk is a loop of 1.5-3 miles designed so that you can set your own pace.

Walk With Compassion strives to make a big difference in the fight against childhood poverty in 2017. They need your help. View details on their website and you will find lots of ways to pitch in, volunteer, and donate. This is an important opportunity to take a stand and join in this important fight.





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