Jeff Gordon or 'Mike' decided to go out and test drive a brand new Camaro. With a car like that, that has so much power, 'Mike' wanted to "let the horses run" a little bit. Poor Mr. Sales guy. Didn't know what was comin'!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: My family is a group of DIE-HARD Earnhardt fans, Sr. and Jr., which if you're a NASCAR fan, you know this means I'm going to catch some heat from them for talking about Jeff Gordon, but this video is SOfunny, that I'm willing to live through it!


OF COURSE IT'S STAGED- people's anti-mainstream, "I'm going to be negative about everything" comments after the video got on my nerves, but like I said- this is too funny to not share. The sales guy's reaction says that he at least was not in on the joke.

So just push play already and see what I mean. I laughed pretty hard at it :)