Call your cable providers if you're excited because this show is only airing on GSN, the Game Show Network.

Jeff Foxworthy is hosting a new show, but his isn't to see if you're smarter than a 5th grader. This show is here to test you on the world's most sold, owned, and printed book in history: The Bible.

I stumbled across the add for this while surfing the internet the other day. Immediately, I was drawn to it because they slapped Jeff's face across the web-banner, showing that he was hosting a new show. I love his stand up acts, he's so funny. Curious, I clicked on it and couldn't believe it! By it's title, you know what it's only on satellite.

'The American Bible Challenge' is no ordinary 'Jeopardy' styled, buzzer holding show. It is a very interactive team effort with hooping, hollering, and all sorts of props to boot.

'The American Bible Challenge' premieres for the very first time this Thursday, Aug. 23rd at 8/7c only on the Game Show Network. You can also check out their website for anything more!

If you're intrigued and would like to SEE a little more of what this is all about, by all means, enjoy the video below and LEAVE A COMMENT! What do you think about it?




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