Jason Aldean knows how to work hard, but also how to play hard. He and wife Brittany frequently post shots to their social media accounts showing off their downtime, and Brittany posted a whopper on Thursday (Jul. 11).

In the photo, the couple are clearly either about to take a swim or are right off some beach/pool time (check out Brittany's high-waisted bikini!), and are mugging for the camera. Jason, in particular, is working a pout.  "Give em that epic duck face, babe," Brittany jokes in her caption.

Perhaps drawing more fan admiration than Jason's exaggerated moue is Brittany's remarkably trim figure—girlfriend just had baby daughter Navy in February and is already looking summer-perfect a mere five months later.

While dozens of commenters begged to know where to get the stylish 'kini, one fan put things succinctly: "I just couldn’t quite stifle the snort laugh at you all having fun but then your brain switches into 'damn girl you be lookin good' mode." That's about right, we'd say.

The Aldean family are currently waiting on their new house to be completed—a massive construction that will have plenty of room for the couple and all four of their kids (daughters Keeley and Kendyl from Jason's former marriage, plus baby Navy and toddler son Memphis).

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