Last Thursday (Nov. 8), millions of Americans woke up to the unsettling news that there had been yet another mass shooting the night before, this time in California at the Borderline Bar and Grill.

One of those Americans was Jason Aldean, and come to find out, he wasn’t shocked.

“I hate to say this but its almost not even surprising anymore,” Aldean says during a recent interview prior to Wednesday's (Nov. 14) CMA Awards about the shooting, which took the lives of 12 people. “It happens so often."

The singer stressed that this kind of news is far too prevalent lately. "I’m not even shocked anymore when I wake up and hear something like that," he adds. "It seems like it’s happening all of the time. It’s the saddest thing. It’s just ridiculous.”

What was shocking to Aldean was the fact that many who were in that bar on that fateful night were also at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas last year, when 58 people were killed in yet another mass shooting. Aldean was headlining that festival, and was onstage playing when those shots rang out.

“For the people from Route 91, it was so tough to get through that deal and then you are on the backside of that and then this happens?” Aldean notes. “I don’t know. I have no words. I was stunned that day when I woke up and heard that. It’s just, like, unbelievable.”

What is even more unbelievable that these shootings continue to happen at places where people are just out to have a good time. “I don’t know when all of this kind of stuff is going to stop but its just super crazy when you know people are going to places like that to unwind and have a good time after a long week at school or at work or whatever,” Aldean says. “They are going there to have a good time and for things like that to happen…”

His voice trails off, but we know what he is thinking: Please don’t let it happen again.

Country Stars React to the Mass Shooting in California


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