Every state has a bunch of official state "things". Texas is one of the few that has an official state dog and the reason why is actually pretty cool.

We didn't choose a state dog, we ... being Texans and quite independently spirited ... created our own. Yes, created. Whole new animal, absolutely "Made In Texas".

Alaska has the only state dog named after it, the Alaskan Malamute, and less than 20 other states have state dogs at all. Only the lone star states best friend is an absolute, total native. Not merely "selected" by Texas, "Lacy" was born here.

The official state dog of Texas is the "Blue Lacy". A breed created by the Lacy brothers, George, Ewin, Frank and Harry. They got to the lone star state in 1858 and, for whatever reason, decided existing pups weren't gonna cut it.

They may be getting a little out there with the wolf/chupacabra talk but they're pretty much on point otherwise.

It is said that the family used greyhound, scenthound and coyote in creating the animal. The legislature said “Blue Lacys were a common fixture on ranches in the Southwest, where it was said that one such dog could do the work of five cowboys; intelligent, energetic, fast, eager to work, and easy to train and handle, Lacys herded cattle, hogs, and chickens, and also served as droving and hunting dogs. - where texasbecametexas

One of my dogs, Mixie, (that's her up above), is a rescue so her ancestry is a mystery. I swear though, I think she's a Blue Lacey. She fits the above description, "intelligent, fast, easily trained, etc", to a T.  A T-"bone" of course.

Mixie has all the noted traits, including the dull color and the zig zaggy white chest marking. I totally think she's the real deal. I wonder if I can get any state funding for fostering this lone star logo?

For more info on these beauties, visit the national lacy dog association website or click here.

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