Picking the right university is a very tough decision that is highly influenced by whether or not the institution of higher learning accepted you. There are many decisions that can sway your choice of undergraduate locations in Texas, and one that is often of the highest concern for parents is safety.

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Where is the safest college town in Texas?


According to the website Research, the safest college town in Texas is the small city of Canyon that also serves as the gateway to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Just look at that picture, probably not hard to imagine staying safe in a place that is so wide open with nobody there to hurt you.

What school is in the safest Texas college town of Canyon?

That would be West Texas A&M University. With their undergraduate student body of over 7,000, even with local commuters, their total numbers pretty much increase the town of Canyon's population at the last census of just under 15,000 residents by almost 50%.

If you look at the overall crime statistics for the county seat of Randall County, which Canyon is,

"Canyon has a 0.9 violent crime rate."

The property crime rate is a little higher at 7.7, and with those super safe numbers, Canyon is ranked as the 21st safest college town overall in the United States. If you want to send your kids to the safest college town, you want to enroll them at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts.

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