There's a lot of places one can go for goods in Texas.

To find out, you just have to look around the state. There's multiple restaurants, shopping centers, and various specialty stores in the Lone Star State. But what makes the state different is the businesses we can claim as our own.

We all love Whataburger here in Texas, as well as a trip to H-E-B for Pepperoni Lasagnas, and maybe a Dr. Pepper or two as well. But there's one place that has, for lack of a better term, broken the dam of what a gas station could be.

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We're Of Course Referring To Buc-ee's!

Since it's beginnings in 1982, the company has grown considerably. What was once was simply in Texas, has grown across the nation, and brought many others into the love of Bucky and his massive gas station.

According to Scrape Hero, there are 46 Buc-ee's in the US. How many are there in the Lone Star State though? 34 to be exact. that enough of Buc-ee's in the state?

If you ask us, certainly that's not enough. After all, Buc-ee's is a Texas Original! Shouldn't there be more?

But...Where Could A New Buc-ee's Go In Texas?

The map provided by Scrape Hero shows the Western side of the state is certainly lacking in a famous gas station. At least maybe one in El Paso? Perhaps Big Springs? Lubbock could use one, it's a college town after all!

What are your thoughts? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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