Living in Central Texas the talks of the military going to war or even conversations about nuclear attacks, unfortunately, are normal conversations, especially because of  Fort Cavazo, which is one of the largest bases right here in the great state of Texas. Now the actual chances of a nuclear bomb, striking anywhere in Texas, or even the United States, may seem slim to none but some nuclear experts say it’s not completely out of the question, which is extremely terrifying!

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Irwin Redlener who is a public health expert at Columbia University specializes in disaster, preparedness, and he’s made it clear that these federal guidelines just aren’t enough to prepare a city for a nuclear attack. According to Business Insider, six cities in the United States can find their selves most likely targeted for a nuclear attack, and one of them happens to be in the great state of Texas. When I first got wind of this information my first thought was if there would be a nuclear attack anywhere in Texas, it would be in Central Texas because of Fort Cavazo but to my surprise I was wrong.



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Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York which I know is not a city have also made the list Chicago, Washington DC, and Houston could find themselves being at risk of in nuclear attack. Any of those cities would struggle to provide emergency services if anyone happens to be wounded in these cities, also would no longer have a designated fallout shelter to protect people from radiation.  A lot of people think that when a nuclear attack happens, it just wipes everything in its path, but it also leaves the remaining radiation that can cause cancer. The truth of the matter is that even though these particular cities aren’t prepared for a nuclear attack, the only way to become prepared is to simply acknowledge that it is a possibility for an attack.

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