Reba McEntire and John Legend broke out the big guns early on the premiere episode of The Voice on Monday night (Feb. 26). Not even one full episode into Season 25, they've both already brought out bribery tactics to lure a promising contestant over to their teams.

During Monday's episode, rising country singer Tae Lewis took the stage, performing Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You" for his blind audition.

The performance showcased both his blazing country twang and his gospel-informed vocal runs, so it only makes sense that he'd attract coaches from different genres. Sure enough, McEntire and Legend both turned their chairs.

After Lewis' song wrapped up, he had a decision to make — and both coaches made their case as to why he should choose their team.

"I took a country artist to the Lives with me because she didn't have to compete with, you know, the three, four, five, however many country artists that are gonna be on Reba's team. The lane is clear for you, my friend," Legend pointed out.

"John's name is Legend, but according to Wikipedia and my mama, I am legend too," McEntire said, brandishing a queen's scepter. "Let's get down to brass tacks here. I've been in the business for a very long time. And I could help you, whether it's vocal or it's your staging. I would love to have you on my team. We would have a blast."

"But what choice would get you on the Today show?" Legend drily wondered in response.

A few more minutes of banter — plus the offer of some custom swag on both sides — Lewis made his choice. "I'm gonna go Reba!" he finally said, amid chants of the country queen's name.

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That means Lewis is officially the very first artist to join Team Reba for Season 25. Lewis has been a working singer-songwriter for the past seven years, and his tenure on The Voice isn't his first time rubbing elbows with a country celebrity. In 2023, he joined Tractor Supply's Emerging Artist Program — curated by Lainey Wilson — and Lauren Alaina personally mentored him.

The Voice will continue on Tuesday night (Feb. 27) with more Blind Auditions. The show airs on NBC.

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