He was never meant to be a forever baby, but that doesn't mean Jase and Missy Robertson weren't crying as they said goodbye to a child they say "fell right out of the sky."

The Duck Dynasty couple took in an infant last March, with Missy Robertson indicating that the mother of the child was not able to care for him. Earlier this week, they celebrated his first birthday during a party that included "the next family on this path."

"We gathered around them, laid hands on them and prayed over them as they now take on this responsibility," she shares. "Our elders anointed them with blessings, and there were many tears. Good tears!"

Good tears are still tears. Over the course of the last 12 months, it has become clear the couple grew close to the boy. She shared pictures of him with his face covered on multiple occasions, including last Halloween. The name she gave him was AK, short for "Angel Kiddo."

"He is being loved on, showered with gifts and being prayed over 24/7. He is a gift," she wrote last March.

Robertson's Valentine's Day post elicited a variety of responses from her followers on Instagram. Some were overcome with emotion, while others expressed concern that AK was going to be cycled in and out of foster families. The boy's future was not shared publicly, but it's clear Missy feels comfortable with where he's headed.

Together, Jase and Missy Robertson have three children: Cole, Reed and Mia. They also have multiple grandchildren.

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