Luke Bryan's got the perfect chauffeur to the emergency room after a fishing trip goes awry — that is, in a hilarious scripted ad spot for Williamson Medical Center, a Tennessee-based hospital.

In a video shared to the hospital's social media page, Bryan plays the part of a fisherman who runs into trouble after a day on the water goes sideways — a role he can probably relate to. During his ER trip, he's got some celebrity pals along for the ride, including his wife Caroline and NASCAR-driver-turned-analyst-and-broadcaster Darrell Waltrip.

The clip shows Bryan riding in the back seat of a car, a fishing lure ensnared in his neck.

"You just had to get one last cast in before lunch," Caroline says, admonishing him from the shotgun seat.

"They were bitin'!" the singer responds in protest.

"Well, the Lord bit you back," Caroline retorts.

But never fear: Waltrip's got it all under control. After ensuring that everyone's buckled up, the driver revs up the engine on a custom racing car and gets ready to "boogity boogity boogity" over to what the caption of the boast describes as "Williamson Medical Center's newly-expanded ER."

The facility couldn't have chosen a more perfect team of celebrities to advertise their ER. Not only is Bryan famously an avid fisherman, but he's run into the business end of a lure before — in real life. After a fishing hook got embedded in the singer's hand in spring 2021, he shared the painful moment with fans, commenting, "Pretty sure that's in my bone."

The Bryan family has actually teamed up with Waltrip in support of Williamson Medical Center before. Last year, they came together to help break ground on a new expansion project for the hospital, according to the Tennesseean. Caroline said at the time that the hospital was close to their Franklin, Tenn., home.

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