You might need some binoculars for these small towns found across the Texas Panhandle.

With populations over 100 but not quite over 1,000, these little towns are small but mighty. They've got all the benefits of living in the country, and might even have more than one stoplight to boot.

You can find the whole list of all 11 picks at the bottom of this post, but here's a few notes to help you appreciate the somewhat small towns in our area.

Happy, Texas is on a List or Two

The town of Happy may only have a population of 678 people, but they're a favorite feature on several lists of unusual town names. The town's cheerful name comes from Happy Draw, a stream given it's name by cowboys of the time.

It's slogan only helps bolster it's small but noteworthy appearance on these lists: "The town without a frown."

Groom, Texas is Home of the Giant Coss

Google Maps

If you've lived in the panhandle for any amount of time, you definitely know about the Giant Cross of Goom. The town has a population of 552 people and can be found in Carson county.

It occupies exactly .75 square miles, but the teeny size of Groom is more than made up for with the height of the Giant Cross. The 190-foot cross is 19 stories high and can be seen from up to 20 miles away.

The cross in Groom inspired another town in Illinois to build one of their own that's 8-feet taller. But Groom is certainly the most well known.

The Somewhat Small Towns of the Texas Panhandle

Say what now? Somewhat small?

That's right. These are the towns that seem massive when compared to teensy weensie two-stoplight towns like Pringle (30) or Kerrick (25), but they're definitely not on the same level as cities like White Deer or Panhandle....much less Amarillo.

Buckle up! We've got a places to go and towns to see! These populations are well over 100, but way less than 1000.

All aboard the Somewhat Small Texas Panhandle Towns tour!

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark