I love seafood as much as anyone, whether it's a fancy seafood restaurant or even fast seafood but one restaurant seems to be looking different these days. There are two different kinds of people in this world, those that don't appreciate Long John Silver's and people, such as myself, who love this deliciously crispy place with all their hearts.

Recently the Long John Silver's on 50th Street in Lubbock has undergone a new look that seems to be reminiscent of one of those sitcoms where two siblings split their room in half. If you are wondering the sign for this restaurant is actually missing half of its signage that for their A&W products. Well there is actually a reason behind this new edgy look that Long John Silver's is going through and it's almost something like splitting a room right down the middle.

This new look with blacked out A&W signs isn't a form of vandalization but instead is a sign of a separation. Management for this restaurant location spoke with us and did confirm that none of the rumors about a possible closure of this location were true. It is actually very much the opposite as this location will be undergoing a complete renovation so that they can keep serving the community for years to come.

The question still remains, why are the signs blacked out? Well Long John Silver's will no longer be selling A&W products as sales for the products were not doing well. So with not too good sales the decision was made to stop selling the products altogether at this location, which was the last of the three locations in Lubbock to sell A&W products. As of now there is no word when the renovations for this Long John Silver's location will begin but you can bet on seeing me there for the clams and hushpuppies.

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