A Lubbock man in police custody since 2019 actually pleaded guilty to all of the charges he was arrested for. 47-year-old Welcome Sanders was arrested after three young women who were living with him from 2014 to 2017 contacted a family member while at a party. That family member then went to police about the three young girls being sexually abused by Sanders.

KAMC news reports that Sanders had blamed the sexual abuse on some pain medicine he had been taking for his back after a surgery. Sanders was arrested on May 27, 2019 and during the investigation all the victims were interviewed by investigators with the oldest girl stating she was told that if she ever told anyone about the abuse that she would be the one going to jail.

The girls state that they had been sexually abused by Sanders since they were in middle school (fifth or sixth grade). One of the girls did tell investigators that just days before coming forward she had actually been raped in Sanders bed. Sanders did tell one of the girls that he was going to die in jail and be tortured the entire time.

Sanders did plead guilty Thursday, June 1, to the one count of Indecency and two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child resulting in a 20 year sentence for each charge. That grand total was 60 years in prison but Sanders will receive a little over four years or credit towards that sentence for time already served in jail.

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