Let's be honest, when it comes to dumpsters and taking our trash, no one really handles dumpsters with care in Lubbock. And why would we? They hold our trash and are pretty much hidden from view in our alleyways. They go through the elements, rain, snow, wind. and they are jostled around by giant garbage trucks.

And for the most part, they hold up pretty good. But every now and then, the abuse of the dumpster gets to be too much. Some are hit by vehicles, others are damaged by wind or severe weather, and some even develop holes in them and become rusted out.

One Lubbock citizen took to the Nextdoor app to ask how they could go about getting the City of Lubbock to replace their dumpster, and the process seems, pretty simple really.

The citizen who was asking about getting a new dumpster posted that their dumpster had a "huge hole" and that trash was falling out of the dumpster.

How Do You Get A New Dumpster in Lubbock?

According to people who have gone through the process, Lubbock citizens who need a new dumpster can call 311 or call the Solid Waste Department at 806-775-2495.

Now this doesn't guarantee you will get a new dumpster right away and it also depends on how bad your dumpster is. If it can be repaired quickly or it's just ugly looking, you may not get a new dumpster. One citizen on Nextdoor posted this picture saying, "this is how bad mine got before the city bought (sic) a new one."


But if your dumpster has been hit, has holes, is missing lids, or caught on fire, the City of Lubbock and a new dumpster is just a call away.

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