Owning a home or renting and place to live is great until the bills start rolling in. Rent, gas, electricity, water, whatever you are paying, it’s not fun to see the money disappear from your bank account.  

What’s even worse is seeing all of the money leave your account, and then some, because someone scammed you and took your information. Unfortunately, utility scams are relatively common and can do a lot of damage.  

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Atmos Energy, a utility company based in Dallas, Texas, recently sent out emails to their customers to remind them to remain aware of these scams. These scams can come in the form of phone calls, emails, or fake websites that pop up during your online search. They will take your information and take advantage of you.  

In order to avoid these scams, stay aware of who is contacting you and whether or not you recognize the mail or phone number being used. Understand that a common scam tactic includes ‘urgent’ messages that need immediate responses. Also, it is good to never click on one of the ‘sponsored’ websites that pop up in your online searches. 

Atmos Energy reminds their customers:  

  • Atmos Energy will never ask for payment using prepaid debit cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency, or an unauthorized third-party payment or mobile application. 
  • Payment for an Atmos Energy bill should be made through our online Account Center or through other authorized payment methods. 
  • Atmos Energy will provide multiple notices and work to assist customers with payment plans and assistance options before any service interruptions take place. 
  • Unless there is an emergency, Atmos Energy employees will not call before 7 a.m. or after 6 p.m. (Central time). 
  • If you ever have concerns about the legitimacy of a call, hang up and call Atmos Energy Customer Service at 888.286.6700. 

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