Weddings can be expensive, so bargain shopping can be a big lifesaver for many couples.

As of 2022, the average Texas wedding costs around $30,000, this includes the venue, catering, DJ, photography, decorations, flowers, and more. While these big spends are at the forefront of the budget plan, there are other factors that are important to consider.

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For your big day you have to make sure everyone looks good. This means figuring out what the plan is for makeup, dresses, suits, shoes, hair, and more. The most important part of all of that for the bride is usually her dress.

While the average Texas bride spends around $2000 on her wedding dress, not everyone has the budget for the designer dresses that are often in that price range.

This means shopping consignment, finding trunk show discounts, or getting a simpler dress overall. If you are struggling to find the perfect dress that is in your budget, you’ll want to visit your nearest David’s Bridal if it is one of the 13 Texas locations that will be closing.

After filing for bankruptcy, David’s Bridal is closing many of their stores nationwide. Including 13 of the 25 locations they have in Texas. These closures mean major sales, with some brides snagging their dream dress for as low as $20 in some cases.

These stores carry a variety of dresses from different designers, so there is bound to be something you would like. Plus, there are other wedding essentials like shoes, jewelry, and more. You just have to get in there and see.

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