If there is one condiment that goes with nearly everything and is enjoyed by all, it’s ranch. It is such a universal dressing that is perfect for salads, fries, pizza, and more.  

When you think of ranch you typically see a bottle or little plastic cup filled with the thick and delicious dressing. It is great to drizzle, dip, or smear with its creamy texture. When you have such a classic dressing like that, why would you mess with it? 

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Well, a company called Flip Whip decided ranch was too boring as is. So, they decided to ‘flip the dip world on its head’ by making whipped ranch dressing. That’s right. Its ranch dressing in a whipped cream can that you can spray on whatever you want.  

Flip Whip Dip via Facebook
Flip Whip Dip via Facebook

I first saw this new product on TikTok where a woman tried it for the very first time. It is hard to tell whether or not she enjoyed it based on her reaction, but it seems like the texture definitely threw her off.  

Flip Whip suggests using their dip on veggies, crackers, wings, or pizza. While all of these suggestions do sound like a good thing to try, some of the comments on the TikTok I saw also suggested putting it on things like baked potatoes and tomato soup. People also agreed that it would make for a hilarious prank to put in on someone’s hot chocolate.  

Flip Whip also has a whole recipe section on their website with more ideas. As you’ll see on there, they also have a blue cheese dressing version of the whipped dip. So, any ranch haters out there that enjoy blue cheese could still try it.  

I will definitely have to hunt this stuff down and give it a try for myself. I am a huge ranch lover, but I’m also off-put by textures sometimes. So, it would be interesting to try.  

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