We’ve all had our fair share of bad neighbors, but some are definitely worse than others.

Whether you live in an apartment with noisy neighbors or live in a neighborhood with people that park their cars like idiots along the sidewalk, there are a variety of ways you can experience bad neighbors. One Lubbock resident took to Nextdoor.com to ask for advice about their terrible neighbors.

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Apparently, the neighbors are very loud and messy people that don’t pick up after their dog and have a kid that ding dong ditches and tries to steal other's packages.

Despite all of this, they are constantly asking their neighbor to borrow things. They are asking for everything from sugar, extension cords, and even Wi-Fi. The neighbor that posted about their troubles understands that it is a normal thing to ask for favors every now and then, but this is constant, to the point it feels like they are supporting them rather than just being a friendly neighbor.

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The poster wants to be nice and avoid any conflict, but it has gotten to the point where if the parents say no to them, the neighbors will then guilt their kids until they give them what they want when the parents aren’t home. That is unacceptable.

Not only are they being bad neighbors to start with, but they are being pushy and bringing the children into a situation that doesn’t involve them. I don’t even know what I would do if I was in this situation, so I commend them for putting up with this for so long. The only solution I could think of would be to never answer the door for them and tell the kids to do the same if the parent’s aren’t home, but even that might not be effective.

Check out the original post here.

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