We are always seeing businesses come and go here in Lubbock, Texas. It is an ever-growing city that is constantly changing over time.

Unfortunately, we see too many businesses come and go without as much success as we all would have hoped. So, to take a break from the sad news of businesses closing all over town, let’s focus on the positive.

They deserve a second location!

There are some businesses in town that see an incredible amount of success and support from the community. There are staples that we can’t imagine not having any more. So much so, that we wish there would be even more of them around town.

I surveyed Lubbock locals to see what businesses they think deserve second locations and the responses did not disappoint.

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These businesses can be completely local, or even franchises that somehow only have one location in the Hub City. Either way, they are well-loved, and locals wish we had more of them.

Whether it’s adding a location to the other side of town, wanting to limit the commute it currently takes you to get there, or helping spread out the traffic at the current busy spot, there are plenty of reasons to want a second location.

No matter the reason, these are the 10 businesses in Lubbock that locals think deserve a second location.

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Along with these second locations, these are some businesses Lubbock locals want to see come to the Hub city.

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