Prom season is upon us, but if you are no longer in high school, you might be feeling left out. You can reminisce all you want about ‘the good old days’, but why not relive them at a special event?

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Prom Through the Ages

Social Dance Lubbock is hosting their first party of 2024 with a special ‘Prom Through the Ages’ dance. From your iconic 80s puff sleeves to 2010s chevron, they want you to relive your past prom night, or experience it for the very first time.

While many of us have fond memories from attending prom, some of us never had the chance to go in the first place.

Whether you didn’t have a date, missed it during the 2020 lockdown, or simply didn’t want to go at the time, now is your shot to grab a date and experience a night to remember.

Get that ‘Promposal’ ready!

You have plenty of time to shop for the perfect outfit and ask your date out. The events will take place on April 27th, 2024.

More information is to come as the event gets closer, but you can expect a curated playlist of music through the decades, a fun and decorated environment, as well as refreshments. This will be a ticketed event, and there will be a wide variety of dance styles you can expect from Swing, Salsa, Country 2-step, and more.

Social Dance LBK are also looking for song recommendations via their Facebook page. You just have to leave a comment on this post with what songs you’d like to hear.

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