One of the most important ways to keep your dog happy and healthy is by making sure they get enough exercise. The most common way to do this is by taking them out for regular walks, but when you live somewhere with highly unpredictable weather like Lubbock, it can be a challenge.

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Whether the pavement is too hot for your dog’s feet, freezing cold outside, or there are gusts of wind so strong it’ll knock you over, the weather can be hard to deal with.

Not only is the weather a problem, but some dog owners might find themselves in a situation where they can’t take their dog out for walks. Whether it’s an injury, or some other reason, you might feel guilty for not being able to take your dog out as much as they need.

These weather and other situations are why Park and Bark Mobile was created here in Lubbock.

They offer a mobile dog treadmill where the dog can pick their own pace to walk, jog, or full-blown run if they want. The service is in the back of a climate-controlled van that will come to you, so no matter the weather, your dog can still get their energy out.

They offer a variety of options from single 30-minute runs to monthly plans. You can cheer your dog on during their session or relax inside while Park and Bark coaches them along.

From big to small breeds, this can be a great exercise option for your pooch and I would love to see more businesses like this in the area.

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