It's Monday the start of a long week...and we all need a hug!  So, playing off our very popular Mugshot Monday (this article has nothing to with that), we are showing you the love with Lubbock's HugShot Monday!  There are many different types of hugs and we hope we have captured them all for your warm and fuzzy enjoyment! So, let get to hugging...first up...

The Welcome Home Hug!

The heart-warming welcome back from military service, a long trip or whatever.  It's is one of the most beloved hugs.

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The Cool Friends Selfie-Hug! 

We all have that one friend that you really connect with...hug it out and take a selfie!

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The Pet Hug!  

Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, etc. - whatever works! It's always great to hug your pet!

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The First Responders Hug!

It's always good to show your support for these essential leaders!

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The Group Hug!

To celebrate victory or to just celebrate being together!

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The Old Friends Hug!

You've known each other for a long time and a hug is always a necessary greeting.

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The Older Group Hug!

Maybe you can't go all out with hugs like you used to, but you can still lightly hug each other...


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The Side Hug!

Perfect for photos - this says "I like you and let's take a pic."


attachment-CONTENT (22)


The Family Hug!

One of the best ones! The whole crew gets involved!


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And last but not least...


The Self Hug!

When no one is around, sometimes you have to matters into your own hands...I mean arms. Then, you can give yourself a warm hug.


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