Lubbock is home to a variety of dog owners. From passionate adopters to designer doodle lovers, no two dog households are the same.

One thing we all have in common is our desire to give our pup the best possible life. This means giving them lots of love, feeding them the best food you can, giving them a yard to run around in (or at least regular walks), and so much more.

For those of us with high-energy, or working breeds, it is also important to give them some sort of job to help put all of that amazing energy to good use. These jobs can include training them to do all sorts of tricks and tasks, allowing them to do the job their breed was made for, like herding, or by getting them involved in some sort of sport.

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There are so many sports your dog can do, and they all vary depending on your pup’s skillsets and drive. One sport that is great for any breed is Flyball.

This high-energy sport is a relay race where a team of dogs runs from one side to another, jumping over hurdles on the way, to retrieve a ball and run it back to the start. Whichever team finishes first, wins.

There are all sorts of different breeds you’ll see in this sport. From little Jack Russell Terriers to big Great Danes, it is a universal sport. The one problem is, there isn’t a team in Lubbock. You’ll find teams all over Texas including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and more.

I personally think my dog would love a sport like this, and I think many other Lubbock dogs would too. So, I'd love to see a team form in Lubbock one day.

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