Whether you prefer to enjoy a cold treat like shaved ice, or go for a swim at the pool, when it’s hot out, you have to keep your pets in mind too.   

Just like how you dress a certain way, carry extra water, go swimming, or eat something cold, our pets are in need of similar treatment during the Texas summer. There are a variety of DIY ways to keep your pets cool, like playing in the sprinklers, giving them ice water, or lounging on some cold tile in the air conditioning.  

If you don’t keep an eye out for how hot your pet is getting, they can be at risk of heat stroke. Especially if your pet has a thick coat, they can get very hot very fast and end up overheated before you know it.  

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While all of those DIY options are great, there are a variety of products out there to help you keep them cool in other ways. Especially when going on walks, hanging out outside, or simply lounging around the house.   

I know my dog loves to sunbathe, so I am extra cautious about her temperature and think some of these goodies would be a great help to keep her cool.  

Check out these 10 products that can all be found via online retailers like Amazon.   

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Stay safe this summer! Keep yourself and your pet cool. 

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