If you are a crafty person that loves DIYs, you learn to look for supplies in unexpected places. It’s all about seeing the hidden purpose behind what other people might view as junk.

Things like making seed bombs out of used paper, painting on scrap pieced of cardboard, and so much more.

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One piece of ‘junk’ that I’ve learned is incredibly useful is pallet wood. Not only is it something you can often get for free from local businesses that would otherwise throw them out, but they can actually be made of some night quality wood.  Many times, if a business is ordering wood for a project, the pallet that wood comes on will be of a similar quality, if not the same wood.

This can easily be repurposed for a variety of projects.

I’ve make raised painters out of old pallets, and they have lasted for a few years so far. I’ve also heard of people making tables and other furniture with the wood they collect from these pallets. You just have to be able to identify the quality of the wood, deconstruct the pallet, and put in the work to make it beautiful.

Sure, it is easier to just buy the wood or even just the finished product, but nothing is as satisfying as putting in all the work to end up with a beautiful homemade thing that you love.

If you need help identifying different types of wood, websites like this can be extremely helpful.

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