Christmas is quickly approaching and the hunt for the perfect gifts has begun. Whether you are an extravagant, crafty, or sentimental gift giver, it is an exciting time to share the love with our closest friends and family.

Unfortunately, money is very tight for many of us this year, so the idea of gift shopping is a bit intimidating. While you can likely throw something crafty together for your friends to show them some love, you might want to spoil your family a bit more.

If you want to make sure each family member gets a quality gift without completely breaking the bank, I have a great suggestion.

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You might only think of this idea in relation to Christmas parties or work gatherings, but a Secret Santa gift exchange can be just as effective in a family setting.

This is what my family has been doing for years, and it is a great way to ensure that everyone gets something special without anyone feeling overwhelmed to get a nice gift for every family member. This is especially beneficial if your family is growing with new spouses or other family members.

Have everyone set a budget that works best for the group, pick a ring leader that is okay knowing who their secret Santa is to pair everyone up with their gift giver, make wish lists, and get to shopping. It is extra fun to guess who got you your gift when you finally get to open them.

Each year you can rotate the list and go again!

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