Life is always going a million miles a minute so it's easy to just come home and relax with a nice glass of wine, tacos, and a bath with a bathbomb but what if we could make relaxing even easier? With some birria bombs.

What is Birria?

Now for those of you that are probably wondering what birria is I will explain. With origins in Jalisco, Mexico it's meat that has been left to cook in this very tangy, spicy, savory broth and soaks up so much flavor. You then serve the meat in tortillas that have been dipped in the broth and then you reheat those tortillas until they are crispy, I personally like cheese in mine which also hold the taco together a bit more. Then you can add cilantro, onions, limes and course it's served with a side of broth, the broth is everything!

The Bombs?

I was able to find out through Birria Queen's TikTok that birria bombs are a real thing that are taking the internet by storm. Birria seems to have gained some popularity in 2023 but it left some people afraid they wouldn't have enough time due to all the spices that are involved in making the tasty dish. Some geniuses have taken to cutting out all the guessing and came up with birria bombs, which are like bath bombs but for your food. Birria Queen makes some very delicious looking birria bombs which she makes at her home in Texas but there should be lots more food bombs out there.

Where to Get Them?

While birria bombs are not sold in stores all around the United States just yet you can get them from a few places online like, and even from Texas' own self proclaimed Birria Queen. While there is no doubt that these tasty food bombs are just the first of many, like the hot cocoa bombs and Michelada bombs, and could see be in stores soon. Are there other foods you would like to see as easy food bombs to make cooking easier? Let us know!

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