If there is one thing you should know about my food preferences it is that I am a ranch girly through and through. Fries, veggies, pizza, you name it and I have likely tried it with ranch.

While I will accept most any type of ranch, from store-bought to homemade, my favorite has to be made from scratch restaurant ranch. Something about it is just so amazing. The texture, the flavor, it is pretty much the most perfect condiment out there.

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While I am happy with most any ranch, I do have some favorites, and I know other ranch lovers feel the same. We all have that one restaurant that has what we consider to be the best ranch, and we are die-hard about it.

So, curious about what the foodies of Lubbock think, I asked the Facebook group LBK Foodies what restaurant in town has their favorite ranch.

I got so many great responses, and a few of them were repeated several times. You know someone’s ranch is good when they are brought up so many times in one scenario. So, I looked over al the comments and found what restaurants were named at least twice in order to confirm that it is enjoyed by more than one person.

I’m sorry if I missed your favorite, but I’m sure it’s amazing and deserves more hype. It simply didn’t make this list.

Here are the restaurants with the best ranch according to local Lubbock foodies.

Lubbock Restaurants with the Best Ranch

According to Lubbock foodies.

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