Hundreds of sharks have been spotted congregating along the Texas coastline, transforming the Gulf of Mexico into a real-life aquatic thriller.

WARNING: The video at the bottom of this article might make you chum your pants if the sharks trigger your fear mechanism.

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Shiver me Timbers!

What the Sharknado is going on here? Is this a mass migration or do these guys just hang out in flocks?  What is a group of sharks called? A shiver. I looked it up. Is that why pirates in movies always say "Shiver my Timbers?" No. I looked it up.


What is This?

A viral TikTok video recently captured a remarkable sight in the Texas Gulf of Mexico: what appears to be hundreds of sharks swimming together. Ridge Druilhet shared that his brother recorded this captivating footage while working on an oil rig in the Gulf on July 28, coinciding with the popular U.S. Shark Week, which runs from July 23 to 30.

Druilhet uploaded the video from his brother to TikTok, and it quickly garnered over 3.6 million views and more than 323,000 likes by August 1. The video has also been widely shared on Facebook, accumulating over 17,000 shares. Druilhet noted that his brother has encountered sharks and various other fish before, but this particular gathering of sharks stands out as the largest he has ever witnessed.
Check out the video for yourself below:


@dallas_texastv Sharks on the move in the Gulf (via @King Daddy Rabbit) #Texas #Fyp #GulfOfMexico ♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV


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