You have to love the strange things you stumble across when looking up Amarillo, Texas on YouTube. There are videos showing everything from people driving through the downtown area on a road trip to local hip-hop artists releasing their latest music videos. We've got it all. One trip down the Yellow City YouTube rabbit hole produced these weird laws.

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Weird Laws In Amarillo, Texas

The video on YouTube is about five laws that are funny and a little weird in Amarillo, Texas. They are the kind of outrageous legislation we've come to love on the internet. These laws are usually incredibly outdated and aren't enforced anymore.

You can see the video here.

After watching the video, one question comes to mind. Do these laws really exist in Amarillo?

Is It Really Illegal To Dust A Public Building And Fall Asleep With Your Boots On?

The video mentions that it is illegal to use a feather duster on a public building in Amarillo. It sounds completely insane, so I did some digging. What I found was a little shocking.

The feather duster law is a real one. However, it isn't attributed to Amarillo. That weird bit of law actually belongs to Clarendon, Texas. Apologies to anyone visiting Clarendon with an obsessive need to dust public buildings.

What about the law that says it is illegal to sell your eyes? That law is supposedly a state-wide law. The Lone Star State prefers you keep your peepers to yourself, apparently.

Then there's the law about it being illegal to park your horse in front of the county clerk's office. While it's not one that I've ever heard of, I could see it being real thanks to a certain protest that took place in Amarillo that involved people taking their horses to town.

Check out the video at the link above and see if any of the laws sound familiar to you. Read below for real wacky laws from the Lone Star State.

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