There have been a ton of videos circulating the internet for the last few months about KFC offering free refills for buckets of chicken. People are claiming that they have some kind of store policy that requires them to refill your bucket of chicken if you go up to the counter and ask.

I love KFC just as much as the next guy, so I had to get to the bottom of that rumor. Have we all collectively been missing out on free chicken this whole time? Let's see what KFC has to say about the policy.

So, does KFC really offer refills on a bucket of chicken?

I'm sorry guys, but the answer is "no". According to Today, KFC says that the refill hack is a total hoax. They are quoted in the Today article saying "We love the widespread enthusiasm for our buckets, but to clarify our policy, KFC does not have free refills."

That's definitely a bummer, but I mean, can you blame them? If they actually offered free refills, we would all be in there eating free chicken all day long, which would be delicious, but also very bad for business.

Just thought I'd save you from walking up to the counter and asking for a refill. I'm sorry, but it's not going to happen. *Sigh* At least they added some "fun emojis" to their tweet. That definitely makes me feel better about everything. I'm sure you'll agree.

No free chicken!

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