A huge alligator was spotted in Southeast Texas at Sea Rim State Park having a little bite to eat. It might seem a little weird to see an alligator near the beach, but it turns out, they take an occasional dip in salt water to help rid themselves of parasites.

Now, I have something else besides sharks to be nervous about when I swim at the beach. Excellent.

The video footage was captured by Hunter Ham when he took his wife and three kids to the beach. They were driving around when they spotted the gator just around 4 p.m. Hunter told WFAA it was the first time he'd ever seen an alligator on the beach, and he grew up fishing and surfing all the time in that exact spot.

Check out the video below:

Have you ever seen an alligator on a Texas beach?

The odds are probably pretty slim. But, if you're interested in checking out a TON of gators in Texas, it's important to know where to look. Take a peak at my list of the top 3 most gator-infested Texas waters:

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Watch your step!

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