Walmart employees in Rockford, Illinois were graciously offered the main staple of struggle-bus food for coming into work during a blizzard. What an absolute delight! I'm sure they were thrilled to eat what they've been eating all week at home so they'll have enough cash for their electric bills!

To add insult to injury, the Walmart location boasted about it on Facebook, sharing a photo of staff standing at a table, grinning and passing out the cheapest food known to mankind. God forbid the Fortune 500 company splurge on the employees who braved horrendous -6-degree temperatures to keep the ball rolling in their soulless mega store.

Check out the video below and scowl with me:

The Facebook post was NOT well-received, and they ended up deleting it after being mercilessly trolled online. Good riddance.

I've seen a lot of talk online about workers wanting real raises instead of stupid pizza parties and candy. A slice of Little Ceasar's would have been better than this sad gesture of goodwill, and that says it all.

I had the misfortune of working for a Walmart in Lebanon, Pennsylvania when I was young and dumb. It was the closest place in walking distance from me, and I didn't have a car. I vividly remember being kicked off the store floor at 39.5 hours because there was no way in hell they'd allow anyone to have any overtime. It took months of scrimping and saving and eating peanut butter sandwiches before I was able to free myself from that pit of despair. I feel sorry for anyone trapped in it.

If you're in a position to shop elsewhere, please do, especially if you can find the things you need at a locally-owned grocery store. Put money in the pockets of your neighbors, friends, and community members instead of a company that offers 55-cent BS ramen to thank their most reliable employees. Garbage.

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