l love my life in Texas. My family and my career are here, and I have no intention of moving anytime soon. However, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the cacti looks a little greener on the other side of the border- our border with New Mexico.

And I am absolutely not alone. Many Texans are opting to move west to The Land Of Enchantment. And if you're thinking it's legal Cannabis, that's actually at the bottom of most people's priorities.


How Many Texans Are Moving To New Mexico?

It takes a little while for these numbers to shake out, but in 2021 an estimated 17,000 Texans moved to New Mexico- making Texas the largest source of new residents (besides births).

And, anecdotally, I've talked to many friends and family members that are strongly considering the move- and considering it much more seriously than a move inside Texas or to another State.

Why New Mexico?

Many people are moving to New Mexico to escape high property taxes, and for lower-cost houses. Texas ranks #7 in high property taxes, while New Mexico has some of the lowest in the country.

It should be noted that New Mexico does have a state income tax, whereas Texas does not, but for many, paying the income tax is cheaper than the higher property tax, particularly for retired people.

What Are The Other Reasons Texans Are Going To New Mexico?

Allergies- some folks are finding the arid desert climate of New Mexico to be less of a seasonal hazard on their sinuses.

The Climate- Even though New Mexico can get blisteringly hot and stay very dry, many folks prefer the "dry heat" over the swampy heat of East Texas.

The Culture- New Mexico doesn't feel as "ran over" by Tech companies and other corporations as Texas does.

The Politics- For folks who feel that Texas has taken some issues too far, New Mexico feels like a more even-handed State.

Scenic Landscapes- I know I cried the first time I saw a sunset in Santa Fe.

For me, there are a couple more reasons that make New Mexico so appealing (the incredible food for one) but also its proximity to my homeland: Texas. I would be closer to my Texas family if I moved to New Mexico than if I moved to other parts of Texas.

But for now, I'm going to stick with Texas. Here's hoping the Tech Bros don't.

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