Growing up in Texas meant you were quizzed at least once in your life over which six flags flew over Texas during its tumultuous history. From being under the Spanish and French Flags early on to being the Lone Star State we know today, Texas has a fascinating history.

And a part of that history is Six Flags Over Texas, the amusement park. It's certainly a big part of my personal history of hanging out with cousins as a kid, to taking my child there.


The very first Six Flags Over Texas opened in Arlington in 1961 after Angus G. Wynne Jr. visited Disneyland in California and decided Texas deserved its own theme park. It has obviously been very successful ever since.

With success comes growth, and now, a possible merger that could see Six Flags headquartered in North Carolina.

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Cedar Fair, which owns many amusement park properties, including Schlitterbahn right here in Texas, will likely merge with Six Flags soon, keeping the Six Flags name. Cedar Fair is currently headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio.

The merger will mean that the combined parks will be able to share intellectual party, meaning that Six Flags Looney Toon's may soon walk hand-in-hand with Knott's Berry Farm's Peanuts characters. Snoopy and Bugs? That's exciting.

The merger does face some anti-trust scrutiny, but my money is on the merger. And while Six Flags may no longer be headquartered here, the parks will remain a part of our collective Texas experience.

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