The Facebook group LBK Foodies has quite the following with over 82,000 people. That's a whopping third of Lubbock's population, numbers-wise.

If you are unfamiliar, LBK Foodies is a place where folks can go to seek recommendations, post their plates (be it from a restaurant, or homecooked), and a place for small business owners to promote their eateries.

Essentially, it's a place for great food and great vibes.

LBK Foodies
LBK Foodies

As the group has grown, the original mod team has made efforts to keep the group a positive, local, and non-spammy place to share our culinary love. Truly, that is a feat and I'm proud of them for pulling it off.

Now, that positivity is IRL, or "in real life", in non-internet speak, with the release of LBK Foodie shirts (available to purchase by clicking here). A portion of the proceeds go to a good cause I strongly believe in.

$5 of every LBK Foodie shirt will be donated to Harper Fest, an organization named for and started in honor of Jerrod Harper. The organization assists service industry folks seeking mental health help- be it obtaining an appointment with a medical professional and/ or assisting with the costs of mental health medication.

In addition to the benefit of doing a good deed, the shirt also comes with a discount at many Lubbock food trucks and some local brick-and-mortars, this is the current list of folks offering a discount to folks wearing the shirt (discount may vary):

• Mijo's
• The Escondido Grill
• Outlaw Egg Rolls
• Arctic N⁷ Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
• Lemon Love LBK
• YaYa's Place
• Shotzy’s Bar and Grill
• The Co-Op Public House
• The Co-Op Bakery and Bistro
• Free Range Fry House
• Woodys Pizza, Grill, & Pub
• Woodys Burger Barn
• Manzanita94
• Texas Mac Shack
• Comfort ZONE 88
• The Kettle Corn Guy
• Dough-Nut-Patrol
• Cliffs Food Wagon - Lubbock Area
• DreamersBistro
• Benitos Arben Benito
• Fajita Pete's - Lubbock
• Vitality Bowls
• Nirvana Burger
Clearly, doing good can be delicious, too.

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