"He was a rescue, thoughtlessly discarded by someone broken-hearted. I found him and just knew someone would give him a good home.", Shana Baker, told us after we spotted her hilarious post on a local buy/sell/trade Facebook page.

Have you ever seen a snuggly muscular arm pillow like this? It's clearly for some lonely nights when you are stuck cuddling all by yourself. One of these would have definitely come in handy for me during one of my many terrible break-ups.

If only I'd known they existed before now. I could have saved myself from getting more cats. Crap.

If this one has already found a new person to comfort by the time you check out the original post, it looks like you can order one on Amazon for the lonely girlfriend in your life. It just might do the trick after a bad separation. There's nothing quite like falling asleep in a smelly guy's armpit. Sigh. Memories...

This one doesn't come with a mouth to backtalk you, and you'll never wonder where it is late at night. It also won't tell you that its mom's cooking is better than yours, or that you don't need another pair of tye-dye tights to add to your collection. In fact, now that I think about it, this snuggly muscular arm pillow might make the perfect boyfriend. Hmm...

Sometimes, all you need in life is a few snuggles to get you through the hard times. Hopefully, someone in Lubbock will be cuddling this bad boy tonight.

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