If Lubbock's Rock, Paper, Shears (1103 Main Street) upcoming exhibit sounds rather spicy, you're not wrong. "F Our Exes February" celebrates letting go of what no longer serves us, particularly art that reminds the artist of their ex(es). I'm a fan of anti-Valentine stuff, not because I hate love (I love love!), but because I find the holiday itself cloying and phony, insofar as adults tend to celebrate it.


Rock Paper Shears, a hair salon in downtown Lubbock, has hosted exhibits as part of the First Friday Art Trail* for many consecutive months. If I attend First Friday, I always make RPS a part of my trail experience. I find the themes for their exhibits to be interesting, edgy, and fun. I also dig the intimate vibe and great conversation to be had there. The artists that participate of some of the highest caliber here in Lubbock- James W Johnson has shown several pieces there, for example.

If you are a Lubbock artist of any medium and have pieces with ex "stank" on them, I encourage you to reach out to RPS, as I know you'll fall in love with this intimate, funky, and oh-so-cool venue. Space is limited though, so bring your best and apply soon. Here's the contact info:

*In case you are new to Lubbock, or simply haven't gotten around to attending First Friday Art Trail, I cannot recommend it enough. It's a free-to-attend cultural gem here in Lubbock- featuring a variety of venues and artists to enjoy at your own pace and in your preferred order, in addition to live music, food trucks, and more. The hub of FFAT is the LHUCA  gallery at 511 Ave K and surrounding galleries, but Rock Paper Shears is perfectly walkable from that starting (or ending) point.

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